It's a lifestyle, you have to commit to it.
slow curtain. the end.
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it doesn’t matter how many shows I watch none of them will let me down like Glee let me down

watch Once Upon a Time

don’t watch Once Upon a Time


Commentary: Finally it’s here! Requested by prettymadd, giggleswan and countless fans of this theme. So sorry it took so long, I just saw this episode and heard it, I decided to edit it. It’s short I know, but the theme itself is short. There was music in the rest of the scene but I couldn’t remove the crowd noises, in fact it was louder than most crowd noises for some reason! If you still want the music with the crowd noises let me know. Enjoy! 

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"if you pay attention to this one line, then another half second of a scene 30 minutes later in the film, then decode the letters of the characters name into a sequence of numbers, then reverse the numbers, then write the numbers on a piece of paper with invisible ink, turn the paper around and shine a flashlight onto it, there’s a small vague message about the character in the movie possibly being gay!! this is amazing, hollywood is really becoming more open and daring with lgbt support"